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We Love Golf! Exclusive Character and Costume Revealed!

May 16, 2008

We Love Golf! Exclusive Character and Costume Revealed!

We Love Golf!'s release is steadily approaching soon and in addition to the Wii-tastic golf action, one of the really fun things about We Love Golf is the alternate Capcom costumes for the characters. When we heard the team was adding two new characters for the upcoming Western release of the game, we asked “why not ask our fans to pick their alternate costumes?”

We Love Golf Wii screenshots
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We Love Golf! transforms the Wii Remote into a virtual set of golf clubs, creating the most immersive golfing experience available off the greens. This new title is being developed in partnership with Camelot Software Planning, best known for developing successful sports games for home systems, including Hot Shots Golf and the Mario Golf series.

We Love Golf! presents a realistic golfing experience with a fresh new spin, incorporating the Wii Remote’s unique motion-sensing functionality. Players will use the controller to choose clubs, line up shots, swing and even add a touch fade or draw with a flick of the wrist. Just as on a real course, gauging wind conditions, correct club selection and careful reading of the greens are all essentials for victory. A variety of game modes, multiple characters, unlockable content, and online gameplay will provide endless hours of putting heaven.

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