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We finally have Mass Effect 4 details

Hopefully we hear more at E3.

We finally have Mass Effect 4 details

The Senior Development Director for Mass Effect 4, Chris Wynn, has revealed he has been marveling at the beauty of the game, and provided some clarification on its map sizes, stating that they'll be "balanced." Fans have been prodding developers working on Mass Effect 4 for information for quite a while as there hasn't been much revealed on Mass Effect 4, besides behind-the-scenes images from motion capture filming.

There was a huge rumor regarding a survey on the game that an internet user claimed to take. A survey that revealed quite a bit of information on the game's story, crew and colony progression.

In regards to the game's map size and the possibility of it being so large that there aren't focused areas in the game, Wynn explained that the map is balanced in size. "It is a balance in how you travel across the maps vs their size," explained Wynn. The game will not be void of story, characters, lore, planets, worlds or choices as they "have all that" in the game.

As for the game itself, it's apparently a marvel to look at.

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