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We check out the stylish and comfortable Design By Humans tees


If I had a dollar for all the Tee sites out there that either had an awesome shirt (or two) a day, or specialized in video game/geek culture shirts, I'd have like, a lot of dollars. Seriously, there are so many. The one main problem I have with these shirt-a-day sites is that I often miss out on these sweet designs, only to have to stalk every other tee site that might hopefully offer it again.

Enter Design By Humans, an answer to my woes.

Design By Humans is a perfect blend of all those sites since it still celebrates the artist, by having their entire stock of shirts being entirely artist submitted, but doesn't limit them to a one per day deal. Instead, users are free to browse their entire library of submissions in its entirety, making sure you end up with a shirt that's right for you.

Design By Humans was born in 2007 with the simple vision of bringing artists from around the globe together to give them a platform to produce wearable art that tells a story, strengthens humanity and inspires life through creativity and design.

Embedded in the culture of Design By Humans is a passion for brilliantly designed tees, detailed illustration and a strong appreciation for all things creative.

We were provided with five shirts of the office, and I obviously had to go with a Doctor Who shirt. Aside from having some of the sweetest designs on the site, whether its a Death Star Pokeball, Zombie Marilyn Monroe, or the ridiculously awesome Cyclops-Triceratops appropriately named, Triceraclops, the shirts are ridiculously comfortable. Being a 100% cotton, you're looking at comfort to the max.

At $24, they certainly aren't the cheapest of the shirt sites out there, however the quality certainly shines on the Design By Humans tees. You also can't beat the selection.

Make sure to head on over to Design By Humans and check out their fresh new tees on a weekly basis. Chances are they have a shirt, or shirts, that are exactly what you're looking for.

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