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[Watch] XCOM 2 gets an action packed launch trailer for Xbox One, PS4

That voice!

Firaxis has released XCOM 2 on consoles and that means a new launch trailer showcasing the game for those who missed out on it when it released on PC earlier this year.

One of the few disappointing things about the release of XCOM 2 was that it wouldn't be coming to consoles. Sure, 2K Games and Firaxis gave their excuses on why it wasn't possible at the time, but the disappointment was still real. However, this week disappointed fans should stop being disappointed because XCOM 2 is rolling out worldwide.

Gamers in the US can already purchase this magnificent turn-based strategy game, the rest of the world will get to save the world from aliens while listening to instructions from the guy from Honest Game Trailers on September 30th, on Friday.

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