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[Watch] Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC brings back Jordi Chin

Well hello old friend


The first main story DLC for Watch Dogs 2, Human Conditions, just received its first breakdown trailer by Ubisoft today. It's a large pack and includes three brand new story-based missions as well as online co-op elite missions.

Two of the pack's three missions were detailed in the video. The first mission, Bad Medicine, tasks Marcus with uncovering how a group of Russians hacked a local hospital in order to sabotage their medical supply. Jordi Chin returns and forms a loose alliance with Marcus in order to take down the Russians. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

The Automata mission sees Wrench and Marcus try to hack a new autonomous, self-driving car that is programmed to the driver's biometrics. Of course, things aren't all that they seem to be and they find out that the company is prioritizing some people's lives over others in motor vehicle crashes.

The Human Conditions DLC comes free with the season pass and is also available for individual sale. It will release on PS4 on February 21st, while Xbox One and PC will need to wait until March 23rd.  

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