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[WATCH] Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases new 13-minute 4K gameplay demo

Space and movement within it looks like a major focus.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is steadily approaching its launch date, and Sony has ramped up the ad campaign for the game by releasing a new 13-minute gameplay demo showing off the Western Ghats region. What's notable about the demo is the added sense of freeform movement that Naughty Dog has continued to refine from A Thief's End. From the outset of the demo, it's clear that The Lost Legacy will allow players to tackle objectives in the way they see fit, at least during certain segments.

Here's the demo:

As you can tell by Chloe Frazer's "and another fortress" quip, The Lost Legacy will offer players a ton of locations to explore. The locations tie into a map that Chloe and Nadine keep on them, and there's a small "discovery" mechanic where the characters mark down a location on a map that they can get to, helping to sell the adventure aspect of the game. 

In combat, environments are packed with plenty of high and low places for players to navigates or dive under to redirect their attacks against enemy soldiers. This is evident during the sequence that begins around the 11:00 mark as Chloe dives in and out of the water to break the enemy's line of sight with ease.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases exclusively on PS4 next month on August 22nd, 2017.

Source: [YouTube via PlayStation Blog]

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