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Watch Total War: Rome 2 devs unbox the collector’s edition while being accosted by hounds


What’s better than watching developers unbox the collector’s edition of their highly anticipated game? Hmm? Hint, the answer is watching them do it while being attacked by trained attack dogs. For Will and Craig, this is exactly what happened. If the Rally Point episodes haven’t given it away, the devs of Total War: Rome 2 sure like to have fun and nothing quite says fun like killer dogs.

Unfortunately, the collector’s editions are sold out according to the web site. If you felt especially inspired by this video I’m afraid you’re out of luck and have to settle for a normal copy of the game. Maybe you’ll get some luck on the Amazon or something. The good news is, you most likely won’t be attacked by dogs when you unbox your version of Rome II. THIS is why you get digital versions of PC games. Check out the video below:

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