Watch the Man at Arms forge Leona’s Zenith Blade from League of Legends

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Protect the faith! Just when I think Man at Arms, master blacksmith Tony Swatton, can’t blow my mind any more – he teaches me just how ignorant I truly am. As a League of Legends fan, when I read that he had crafted Leona’s Zenith Blade, I watched the video with my jaw dropped the entire time.

The best part of this video for me was when Tony handed the sword to Riot Games’ Senior Concept Artist and creator of Leona, Michael Maurino. The very concept of thinking something up, having a team create it, put that concept into a game that is played around the world, and then on top of all that have a blacksmith create a piece of that concept and hand it to you – I can’t even imagine.

Did I mention the Zenith Blade is functional? Yea, at the end of the video they cut up some milk jugs and fruit. Check out the video and make the Solari proud. The ward comment at the very end made me chuckle.   

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