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Watch the League of Legends season 2 tournament on Twitch: October 4th – 6th, 13th


It’s about that time eSports fans.  The world’s largest event in eSports history starts tomorrow October 4th – 6th and then finishes up the 13th.  Riot Games’ League of Legends season 2 is closing out and it will be huge.  No, bigger than that.  The title of “League of Legends World Champion” is definitely a huge honor and accomplishment.

Well if the world playoffs occurring tomorrow, you better watch it.  TwitchTV (not the rat AD carry) well be showing the matches for the millions of LoL fans out there.  There is no reason to NOT have the stream running as the main event, in the background, on a second monitor… it’s the CHAMPIONSHIP!  The BEST LoL players AROUND THE WORLD are playing each other.

Do you want the info and links?  Of course you do.  Here they are:

Yea text and links are fun and all, but you are more of a visual person.  I get you, so am I.  For our kind, I have a giant graphic for you.  Click on it to enlarge it.  If you’re not excited you, you need to be.

LoL Times

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