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Watch the Black Widow and Elektra stunt doubles fight to discover who would win in a fight

I guess I never really wondered this.

Marvel has made its home on both Netflix and the big screen with very different characters. On the big screen, you'll find folks like The Avengers and on the smaller screen, you'll find The Defenders. Every once and a while, people wonder what it would be like to see two heroes facing off. 

Most of the time, we never get to see this in action, but sometimes we are gifted with a beautiful battle between two heroes. 

Luckily, the stunt women behind Black Widow and Elektra have released a video to answer the question of who would win a fight, Black Widow or Elektra? The blond is the Black Widow stunt double and the dark haired one is Elektra's stunt double. 

This video answered none of my questions.

[Heroic Hollywood]

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