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Watch the 2K Livestream from PAX East 2012


Yea, I'm not at PAX East 2012.  I'm at the office watching livestreams from PAX.  How sad is that?  Anyways, I invite you to watch 2K's livestream.  They're giving behind-the-scenes looks at the booth, interviews from devs from all of their games, and direct feeds from all of their demos for our viewing pleasure.  View the feed below or from their channel.  Below the livestream is the schedule of what they're showing.

Watch live video from 2K on

Friday, April 6th

10:30 AM - Noon - Welcome to PAX East with Kona & Elizabeth, tour of 2K Games' booths

Noon - 1 PM - Interviews with Spec Ops: The Line Producer, Cory Davis and with Lead Writer, Walt Williams.

1 - 3 PM - Live giveaways of exclusive PAX East swag, interviews with XCOM: Enemy Unknown Producer, Garth DeAngelis, Art Director, Greg Foertsch, and Associate Producer, Lena Brenk

3 - 4 PM - Exclusive live direct feed of Spec Ops: The Line gameplay from the show floor

4 - 5 PM - Q&A, recap, and highlights for Saturdays's broadcast

Saturday, April 7th

10:30 AM - 1 PM - Welcome to PAX East: Day 2 with Kona & Elizabeth, interviews with Civilization V Producer, Tiffany Nagano, Lead Programmer Casey O'Toole, and Level Designer, Liam Collins.

1 - 4 PM - Exclusive live direct feed of Borderlands 2 gameplay from the show floor, interviews with Borderlands 2 Creative Director Paul Hellquist, Art Director Jeremy Cooke, Concept Designer & Artist, Scott Kester, and Dave Eddings (the voice of Claptrap!)

4 - 5 PM - Q&A, recap, and highlights for Sunday's broadcast

Sunday, April 8th

10:30 AM - Noon - Welcome to PAX East: Day 3 with Kona & Elizabeth, direct feed of last night's XCOM: Enemy Unknown panel from PAX East

Noon - 1 PM - Borderlands 2 coverage, including replays of interviews, gameplay, and more!

1 - 2 PM - Spec Ops: The Line coverage, including replays interviews, gameplay, and more!

2 - 3 PM - Civilization V: Gods & Kings coverage, including replays of Civilization V interviews, gameplay, and more!

3 - 4 PM - XCOM: Enemy Unknown coverage, including replays of interviews, gameplay, and more!

4 - 5 PM - Last giveaway, final Q&A, weekend recap

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