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[Watch] Super Mario Odyssey's Newest Trailer Showcases Cappy's Abilities and Multiplayer

Mario and Cappy make a great team!

[Watch] Super Mario Odyssey's Newest Trailer Showcases Cappy's Abilities and Multiplayer

A new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has been released today, and this time, we get to see Mario's new sentient hat, Cappy, in action! We know Cappy has the ability to 'capture' Mario's enemies to morph him into them. A strange power indeed, but one that fans have already gravitated to in a Mario 64 mod.

The new trailer below focuses on just how creative his new powers are. Take a look! There's another new feature in the trailer as well, let's see if you can spot it.

We're not exactly sure what's being said in the trailer, but we can gather context, and more importantly, we can see what Cappy is capable of. An interesting detail we noticed was that when Peach gets captured, her tiara has eyes just like Cappy. Is it actually Cappy, or is it just another eyeballed headpiece? 

The trailer shows off various things Cappy can turn Mario into and tackle different obstacles. But did you notice the other feature amidst the Japanese narration? Multiplayer!

We're not sure if this is the extent of multiplayer, but it seems a second player can join in Super Mario Odyssey and play exclusively as Cappy. It seems like the second player abilities in Super Mario Galaxy to shoot star bits, but perhaps with a bit more to do. They only talked about it briefly, so hopefully, Nintendo has more to share.

Super Mario Odyssey launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

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