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[Watch] Star Wars The Last Jedi's Final Trailer Shows Plenty of Story

Although Rian Johnson is torn about whether or not it shows too much.

[Watch] Star Wars The Last Jedi's Final Trailer Shows Plenty of Story

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is coming so soon that we're starting to get that itch. The itch that only a theatrical release can scratch. But Disney has given us some ointment in the form of a final trailer for the film before its Christmas release. But be warned, it may give away more than you'd like from a Star Wars trailer.

It's not akin to if "I am your father" were in the trailer for Empire Strikes Back, but it does seem to show a lot of story points. In fact, director Rian Johnson tweeted that he's torn about recommending the trailer to those who want to "come in clean". For more on this aspect and less on the trailer itself, check out the opinion of the "abstaining from the trailer" side of the GameZone table here.

The trailer aired during Monday Night Football during halftime last night. As mentioned, there's a lot going on in this trailer. Rey's training on Ahch-To with the one and only Luke Skywalker who tells her that he's only seen power like hers once before, alluding to Kylo Ren. We see Ren piloting a fighter with a new vicious scar on his face from his last battle with Rey. We see Poe and Finn tearing up First Order in space and on the ground. We even see Finn with what seems to be some sort of lightsaber that isn't Luke/Rey's iconic blue one. 

The last thing we see is Rey getting tortured by Supreme Leader Snoke and her asking Kylo to "show me my place in all this." Wait, what? That seems to be quite a big moment to reveal in a trailer. The cuts in the scene aren't perfect though, leaving us to believe there's the possibility of a switch-a-roo in the trailer.

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Marketing companies usual predisposition towards ineptitude aside, this trailer was definitely full of that good, good hype. While trailers for films, in general, have been followed by controversy, Disney trailers seem to have been a cut above the rest in the past few years. So maybe the trailer gives away less than we realize. We won't know for sure until The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15. It's also been revealed that The Last Jedi is actually set to be the longest Star Wars film to date.

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