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[Watch/Spoilers] Someone made a video of every death in Resident Evil 7 and it's bloody

Spoilers ahead obviously

Resident Evil 7 is the star of the show right now in gaming and for a good reason. It's actually pretty impressive, and a return to prominence after the incredibly divisive sixth entry. The game hasn't even been out two days, but of course, there are plenty of gamers around the world that have already beaten the game. One of those gamers is YouTuber Izuniy who recently uploaded a video showing off every death in the game.

As if it wasn't clear enough, massive spoilers go down in the video embedded above. So if three warnings aren't sufficient to get your attention, it's your own fault now. 

Resident Evil 7 has been scoring incredibly well across the internet, earning six perfect scores, and even more 9/10's. The current Metascore average for the game is hovering around 86, so suffice it to say; the game is not bad at all. We've got a couple more spoilery articles for you if you're interested, including the iconic character that will be appearing in the upcoming Not a Hero DLC as well as the connections to the Resident Evil universe within the game.

Source: [YouTube via GamesRadar

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