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[Watch] Someone made Portal in Microsoft's Hololens glasses and it's awesome

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[Watch] Someone made Portal in Microsoft's Hololens glasses and it's awesome

Virtual reality is one of the biggest innovations in technology in recent memory. It puts players in the beautiful worlds and into the shoes of a hero, race car driver, and many other amazing characters. Microsoft has decided to go a step beyond that, though, and went straight for augmented reality glasses. Glasses that let you see the real world around you while also putting holograms and other virtual things in our world that only you can see and interact with through your Hololens glasses.

Although the product isn't available to consumers yet, there are a lot of awesome creations. One of these creations is a Hololens version of Valve's hit puzzle game, Portal. In Portal, players are equipped with nothing but a non-lethal gun that shoots two different colored portals. The player must shoot the portals in specific places to navigate rooms, move objects, and do crazy, physics-defying things like shooting yourself across a room at high speeds.

In the Hololens video created by Kenny Wang, we see a virtual portal gun creating portals in the real world. Kenny demonstrates how well it works by moving the game's iconic companion cube through portals, showing that it works just how you'd expect. If the cube get's dropped down stairs, it rolls down real life stairs despite it not being there in the physical world. It acts like a real, physical object in our world even though it has no presence in the real world.

You can view the video below.

At E3 2015, Microsoft showcased one of the things they created with Hololens. A full blown Minecraft game you can play on top of tables and other objects. It even introduces new features that give you God-like powers where you can blow up pieces of land so players on console/PC/mobile devices can go underground without having to spend many minutes digging.

There's no release date for Hololens, but it looks REALLY promising at the moment!

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