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[Watch] Someone made Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 in Halo 5's Forge and it's so vintage

Spill the blood of Spartans in Peach's front yard.

Halo 5's Forge is easily the best place to find user-generated content on the Xbox One, and a little game called Super Mario 64 has proven to be quite the source of inspiration. This latest creation comes from a user named Niref who has built a near-exact replica of Princess Peach's Castle from Mario 64. The match you see embedded above comes from the YouTuber known as xXBarthXx who shows off the level's many facets, dying along the way numerous times.

Perhaps the best part about Niref's take on Peach's Castle is that you are not restricted to running around on the grounds, as verticality plays a key role in gaining the upper hand. Players can use the cannon situated in the yard to blast themselves onto the roof of the castle for a better sniping and vantage point.

If you're interested in downloading Niref's level (or any of their creations), head over here to check it out. You can also give xXBarthXx a Like and Subscribe by heading over here.

Source: [YouTube]

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