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[Watch] San Diego Studios breaks down their latest MLB The Show 17 trailer

There's a lot of details from that PlayStation Experience trailer you may have missed

Baseball fans know by now to expect another entry of the greatest baseball game on the planet, MLB The Show every year. In many ways, details on the new games don't need to be plentiful, as rational fans know to expect predominantly more of the same when it comes to these yearly releases. Once again, MLB The Show will be incorporating tweaks rather than overhauls, and why not? When you've got a winning team, there's no reason to blow it up and start over.

Ramone Russell from San Diego Studios stars in this breakdown of MLB The Show 17's PlayStation Experience trailer and offers up a few insights you may have missed (or caught). Here are the important points:

  • Road to the Show takes you inside a Minor League locker room and introduces dialog choices that can have consequences.
  • The glitch in the logo was intentional. It's a nod to the game's newly announced retro mode.
  • The team is "doubling down" on adding new player entrances to add some unique flair to each team's distinct culture.
  • Ball spin after getting a hit has been overhauled. Before the ball would react as if it were bouncing off a wall, but now reacts as if it were hit off a bat. The result is some different types of ground balls (including the curve you see above).
  • Four new historical stadiums will be added to the game.
  • Ken Griffey Jr., Jason Giambi, and Roberto Alomar are new Legends being added to the game.
  • Show Track introduces new data driven presentation options, adding a greater sense of authenticity.
  • More player-specific home run swings have been added.
  • Ken Griffey Sr. is in the game as well.

So there you have it. As to be expected, MLB The Show 17 is bringing a number of quality of life enhancements to the series, which will once again create a new golden standard for baseball games.

Source: [PlayStation YouTube]

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