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[Watch] Rise & Shine gets new trailer as pre-orders on Xbox One go live

A game about games...

Rise & Shine is one of the more intriguing indie titles on tap for January 2017, and if you are planning on picking the game up, it bears mentioning that pre-orders for the game on Xbox One are now live. If you have no idea what the game is, that's OK. Here's a run down.

Rise & Shine is a 2-D Action game that is described as "part puzzle platformer, part arcade shooter, with just a pinch of bullet hell." The game takes place in the world of Gamearth, a planet of video game parodies that casts players in the role of Rise, a young boy who gets caught in the crossfire between the citizens of his world and the Space Grunts of Nexgen. He winds up with a talking gun that goes by the name of Shine, and it is up to the duo to band together to save the world.   

Rise & Shine releases on both Xbox One and PC on January 13th, 2017.

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