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[Watch] PGW 2017: Detroit: Become Human Looks More and More Like a Playable Movie

This trailer proves that Humanity is flawed. But androids still want in.

We have been hearing about Quantic Dreams' Detroit: Become Human since 2015. Over the past two years, we have heard how complex it will be, saw the E3 2017 gameplay demo, heard about how the game has "three times" as many branches as Heavy Rain did and recently saw about 13-minutes of some pretty gorgeous gameplay.

Sony's Paris Games Week conference has given us new details on the upcoming game. The themes in Detroit: Become Human have thus far been about how androids are more human than humanity gives them credit for. However, this new trailer dances with the idea of an android having more humanity than even a living, breathing human. 

PGW 2017: Detroit: Become Human Looks More and More Like a Playable Movie

It features a father living with his daughter and his android helper named Kara. Various scenes show the father as very abusive and dangerous. The trailer continues, like previous ones, to show the multitude of choices players can make throughout and how you can change the outcome of situations on the fly.

Who's the real face of humanity? Quantic Dreams may help us figure that out, or just cause us to ask more questions when the game releases in Spring 2018.

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