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[Watch] Overwatch Has a New Hero! Orisa the Guardian Robot of Numbani

Orisa joins the fight as a new tank for Overwatch

[Watch] Overwatch Has a New Hero! Orisa the Guardian Robot of Numbani

Overwatch players have enjoyed a number of updates to their game since its release. These updates even include new characters. First, it was Ana the sniper, then Sombra the hacker. Now we have Orisa, the four-legged tank. 

From the official Overwatch website, Orisa is described:

"Built from parts of one of Numbani's short-lived OR15 defense robots, Orisa is the city's newest protector, though she still has much to learn.

Originally put into service before the Omnic Crisis, the OR14 "Idina" line of security robots was built in Nigeria's massive manufacturing omnium. After the war, they were taken out of production, along with many of the other models used during the crisis. Twenty years later, Numbani revived and recommissioned the OR14 program to protect the city from external threats. These new OR15s were deployed for a short time before they were destroyed in an attack by Doomfist.

Following the attack, the program was scrapped, and the civic government sold off the remaining OR15 inventory. Some parts were purchased by eleven-year-old Efi Oladele, a brilliant girl whose early accomplishments in robotics and artificial intelligence had already earned her the Adawe Foundation's "genius grant."

With the approval of her understanding and open-minded parents, Efi spent the bulk of her grant money to acquire one of the decommissioned OR15 bots. She believed that Numbani needed a protector and that an upgraded OR15 could do just that. Efi repaired and reconfigured the robot and installed a personality core that she had designed herself.

She named Numbani's newest hero Orisa."

Below is the developer update for the character:

As far as the type of fighter she is, she serves as a central anchor. She defends her teammates with a protective barrier, but also attacks from long range. She has an ultimate called Supercharger that boosts damage output to multiple allies at once.

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