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[Watch] New Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trailer Features Rapping Uruk

Say hello to the Marauders!

[Watch] New Middle-earth: Shadow of War Features Rapping Uruk

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is to be a sequel to Shadow of Mordor. Following up the great success of the first game, Shadow of War has shown a number of improvements in gameplay. This includes a seemingly non-intrusive multiplayer aspect where players can attack instanced fortresses built by other players. The marketing for the game has been pretty heavy, and that includes yesterday's Marauder Tribe trailer.

What's the first thing you think of when you see Uruk-Hai with gold lined weapons and armor? Them, rapping about it? Well, that's what the Marauder Tribe is doing. Okay, not literally, but the trailer has a rap song playing over glimpses of this tribe.

Obviously, this trailer isn't 100% representative of the game, but it's funny regardless. Oh, and yes, that was an Orc busting a move. For a more accurate depiction of the game, check out the Gamescom trailer titled Monsters of Mordor.

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