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[WATCH] Monster Hunter Stories gets a new gameplay video before its release in North America and Europe.

It’s time for the rider


Nintendo has released a brand new gameplay video trailer for the upcoming 3DS game Monster Hunter Stories. The game is a spin off from the Monster Hunter Series where you take the role of a rider instead of a Hunter. It was released next year for Japan.

The video shows the gameplay mechanics and how is the battle system. Combat is completely an RPG style where players take turns and can attack enemies with their monsters at the same time. When in combat, there are 3 basic attack types (power, speed and tech). The player must guess which attack the enemy will choose and must counter it with the opposite one, just like in rock-paper-scissor.

There are more additions in the combat system, like the chance to perform a double attack with your monster and a devastating kinship skill similar to a super move. You’ll need to fill a bar in order to execute this move.

The game packs more features including hatching eggs and befriending monsters. You can do that by transferring genes from one monster to another. This allows the player to experiment and create their own monster with special abilities and appearance.

Monster Hunter Stories will finally release for North America and Europe tomorrow exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.


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