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[Watch] Jump into the "Age of Sail" with Abandon Ship's New Combat Gameplay Video

Let's see how combat works in the FTL/Sid Meier's Pirates mash-up.

[Watch] Jump into the "Age of Sail" with Abandon Ship's New Combat Gameplay Video

Abandon Ship is an upcoming game on PC via Steam that sets you as the captain of a ship during the "Age of Sails". It was announced a few months ago with a trailer, which can be found here, that gave an overview of the game as a whole. Today, Fireblade Software released a new video that details the combat in Abandon Ship.

The FTL comparison still lives, as crew members of the ship can be set to different positions and have levels in each position. For instance, manning the cannons with a high level in cannonry allows more accurate shots and other bonuses. Putting the right crewman in the right place is crucial. 

They go on to show how different weapons do different damage to the ship and how the crew can react to it. Weather can also affect the tide of battle. Rain extinguishes fires, rough waves can knock crew off the deck, etc.

They also show a number of different weapons and other equipment on the ship that changes the way battles take place. Short range cannons, long ranged that stay out of range, or even spikes that help with ramming.

Abandon Ship is coming to PC in 2017. No release date has been confirmed yet. It really seems to scratch that rogue-like FTL itch.

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