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Watch how a zombie apocalypse could really happen!


Just how far into fiction do zombies fall?  The original zombies were just people all drugged up that made them more willing to follow simple orders.  We aren’t talking about them though.  After watching the short video below, I’m learning that a zombie apocalypse could really happen.  Are you excited?

Well you shouldn’t be you sicko.  Watching as your friends and loved ones become the mindless undead is something I don’t wish upon anyone.  The good news is, having a corpse come back to live will most likely never happen.  Those zombies are ruled out.  Your great grandma-ma will always rest peacefully without fear of animation.

The zombies that COULD happen are the ones who get taken over by viruses.  I’m not talking some fictional Umbrella stuff, but real potentially civilization ending viruses.  This zombie virus would have to use specific neurons to conquer specific parts of your brain while not destroying your brain. 

Technically, a virus “could create super hungry, aggressive, brain dead beings, that can’t recognize family or friends, and that can’t control their own actions other than to feed.”  That sounds like a zombie to me.  While not undead, this is still some freaky hypotheticals.  Does 28 Days Later ring a bell, because that is basically what could happen.           

So if you make fun of your friends for preparing for the zombie apocalypse… you may want to apologize. 


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