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[Watch] Firestorm revealed for Injustice 2

So much talking, so little Firestorm.

[Watch] Firestorm revealed for Injustice 2

Last week, a new Injustice 2 video brought us more information on the story, as well as a look at new characters. This week, we have another character, but it's not being supplied to use by NetherRealm - which means that while we get to know who the new fighter is, there's not the most gameplay.

The latest character added to the Injustice 2 roster is Firestorm. 

The video itself is fairly long and could be considered somewhat annoying, especially if you're just here to see Firestorm. So, if you want to see Firestorm skip to 5:35  to watch Firestorm beat up some folks.

Following the initial reveal, the hosts briefly play the game (after some more chatting) and show off his move list (while touching it a lot). From what we can see, Fusion Blast, Energy Shield, Molten Trap, and a special move. 

The developers eventually jump in and detail some of Firestorm's moves, like his character power - which has three levels and has Firestorm going 'Nuclear' and turning blue.

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