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[Watch] FIFA 18 gets raw Nintendo Switch gameplay demo at Gamescom

Looks promising!

[Watch] FIFA 18 gets raw Nintendo Switch gameplay demo at Gamescom

When the Nintendo Switch got its full reveal at the start of 2017, EA revealed they would support the console with one game this year, FIFA 18. This began to spark a lot of questions. Would it be the same as the Xbox One/PS4 versions? Would it be a half-assed version that everyone forgets in a month? Will it have Ultimate Team?

EA was initially cagey about what the Switch version would include but began to open up around E3. Sadly, it won't run on the Frostbite engine like the Xbox One/PS4 versions and it won't include the single player mode that debuted in FIFA 17 but it will have Ultimate Team. The Switch version hasn't had a lot of gameplay since it is technically the lesser version but EA did want to showcase the game a bit before it gets released as to not send negative vibes.

At Gamescom 2017, EA showcased FIFA 18 running live on a Nintendo Switch. The gameplay demo looks really good and appears to be a promising counterpart to the Xbox One/PS4 versions. While not absolutely gorgeous, it has decent visuals and shows that EA put some care into the Nintendo Switch version. You can check out the demo below.

Hopefully, if the game sells well we can get a more polished and improved version next year as well as more EA games on the Switch.

FIFA 18 hits Xbox One, Xbox 360 PS4, PS3, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 29th, 2017.

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