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[WATCH] Dragon Quest 11 has zero framerate drops on PS4

A buttery smooth JRPG for Sony's platform.

Over the last week or so, Dragon Quest XI has trickled its way into the news, between its release over in Japan and the announcement that it would be coming West. The folks over at Digital Foundry seem to have gotten their hands on a copy and did what they do best, broke down how it performs. They did a side-by-side analysis of the game on both a standard PS4 and a PS4 Pro, and the results are pretty solid on both sides. Of particular note is that there are zero framerate drops on both consoles.

Check it out:

Dragon Quest XI runs comfortably at 30 FPS, similarly to Horizon: Zero Dawn, with zero stutter whether you are exploring one of the game's many beautiful and massive environments or in the midst of a battle. Load times are considerably short and the game clocks in at about 900p on a standard PS4 and upscales to 1728p on the Pro.

On top of the performance analysis, it is nice to get some new gameplay footage of Dragon Quest XI, and I have to say it looks absolutely stellar. Dragon Quest XI will arrive in the West sometime in 2018.


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