Watch Dogs ultra PC specs confirm I need to build a better computer

Watch Dogs Screenshot - Aiden Pearce shooting gun

Well damn. I thought my PC rig was relatively good. I was still able to run games like Battlefield 4 and Witcher 2 on Ultra settings without a hitch (well fine, maybe a slight hitch or two). Watch Dogs Creative Director, Jonathan Morin, took to Twitter and announced some PC requirements if you'll want to experience Watch Dogs on Ultra settings. These specs make me sad. Sad because I know with my current PC, there is no way in hell I'll be able to run it. However, that does mean PC players have a really pretty looking game to look forward to. 

These are the tweets compiled by DualShockers:

  • A lot of different specs will run the game at high level of detail, but for ultra you’ll need at least an Intel Core i7-4770K with a GeForce 780
  • The Nvidia Tech PC video was recorded on a rig with an Intel Core i7-3930K and a GeForce Titan.
  • Those that use an AMD video card won’t be able to enjoy Nvidia’s TXAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing). HBAO+ (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion), while developed by Nvidia, will still work on AMD cards.

So what's the verdict? Will you need a better PC to run Watch Dogs on Ultra? Will you be satisfied with playing the game on lower settings? Maybe skip the PC version and head straight to console? Sound off below.

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