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Watch Dogs first DLC, Conspiracy!, now available

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Watch Dogs first piece of downloadable content -- the Conspiracy! Digital Trip game mode -- is now available, Ubisoft has announced.

Conspiracy! is can be bought by all players as stand-alone DLC for $4.99. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase the Watch Dogs Season Pass for $19.99 and gain not only access to Conspiracy, but to all future DLC as well. What's more, the Season Pass will grant you one week of early access to all Watch Dogs add-on content including the upcoming single player story and separate single player missions, outfits, and weapons. In total, the Season Pass should save you more than 25 percent then if you were to purchase each DLC individually.

Watch Dogs released last week and has been smashing Ubisoft sales records since. In just one week of availability, it sold-through more than four million copies, making it Ubisoft's best-selling game ever in week one.

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