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Watch Dogs 2 easter egg teases London setting for Watch Dogs 3

We might be heading across the pond for the next game.

Watch Dogs 2 easter egg teases Watch Dogs 3 setting

Watch Dogs 2 was given a big update today and among the patch notes was a vague hint that something may have been added to the ending of the game. Players quickly scrambled to find out what's hiding at the end of the game and now we know, it's a teaser for Watch Dogs 3.

After a brief propaganda video from the folks at DedSec, we hear a phone call (presumably some people from Blume or CTOS) talking about how DedSec has gone viral. They have hacktivists in the Middle East, Europe, and more. As the phone call goes on, one of the men tells the other to "Make the call". What does this mean exactly? No idea. The audio file is named a bunch of numbers, but they aren't random numbers... they are coordinates. If you punch in the numbers to Google Maps, you'll find that the coordinates point to a town in London.

New Watch Dogs 2 easter egg teases Watch Dogs 3 setting

It makes sense that they would go to London as the city is ranked as the second most surveilled city in the world and the theme of the series is corporate greed and surveillance. When will we hear more about the sequel? Possibly E3 2018 at the earliest as Watch Dogs 2 just released and it seems like they are just now beginning development on 3, but that's pure speculation.


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