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[Watch] Destiny 2's official reveal trailer rallies the troops

Also, there will be a ton of loot!

The first official trailer for the sequel to Bungie's more than successful MMOFPS game, Destiny 2, has finally arrived and with it, a closer look at what adventures are to come.

There have been countless rumors about what Destiny 2 will and won't be, some of them have been correct while other's haven't. Now, the first official trailer has been released, which was preceded by the first teaser, which came out earlier this week.

The new trailer titled "Rally the Troops" really gives us a taste of what's to come. It seems like Bungie will put a little more energy into the story this time around, something which was lacking in the first game until 'The Taken King' and 'Rise of Iron' expansions released. It also looks like Bungie gave Nathan Fillion a fatter paycheck and a story with more Nathan Fillion can only make it better.

As previously announced, Destiny 2 will allow players to transfer their characters from the first Destiny to Destiny 2, making for a more immersive feeling. "Rally the Troops" also explains what happened between Destiny and Destiny 2 and explains why players' gear will be reset. The Tower was attacked by a new enemy lead by Ghaul and both the Tower and everyone's gear got lost, something Cayde-6 isn't too happy about.

The whole trailer is a pretty entertaining one and those afraid of spoilers have nothing to worry about, this one is spoiler free.

As previously reported, Destiny 2 has an exclusivity deal with PlayStation and as such the PlayStation 4 will get exclusive content up until Fall 2018, though no details on what it would be were given.

Destiny 2 is set to launch September 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and for the first time in the franchise, it will launch on PC as well. As a pre-order bonus, Bungie will be giving players early access to the beta, but just like the PlayStation 4 exclusivity, no details were given.

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