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WATCH: Darksiders III releases 12 minutes of gameplay footage

Talk about whiplash.

After leaking and being confirmed to exist all in the same day, Darksiders III has released a 12-minute gameplay video of some pre-alpha footage courtesy of IGN First. The video shows protagonist, Fury in action with lots and lots (and LOTS) of whipping. 

Here is the video:

One thing that is immediately apparent is how interconnected the world is and how different each area looks. It seems to have a way of sneakily presenting you the path to the next area, whether it's nestled beneath a rusted school bus or opened via an exploding enemy. It's also apparent that Fury's whip is going to be a big part of everything you do in the game, functioning as both her primary weapon and a method of traversing the environment.

Since this is Pre-Alpha footage, it goes without saying that the game is far from a finished product, so if the combat comes off a bit basic (and it does), keep in mind that at this point, nothing is final. 

Darksiders III will release sometime in 2018.

Source: [IGN First]

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