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[Watch] Burger King puts anti-clown advertisement at the end of 'It' screening

Fair play, Burger King.

[Watch] Burger King puts anti-clown advertisement at the end of 'It' screening

One of the biggest films of 2017 is undeniably the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's novel, 'It'. One of the biggest draws to the film is that the antagonist is not some generic ghost, it's a shapeshifting clown that changes his identity to whatever you fear most. On top of that, it's a classic 80s adventure film like The Goonies where a band of kids have to take on something that no one would ever be prepared to tackle.

The film has been loved by audiences and critics around the world and has broken tons of box office records including highest grossing horror film of all time. There are a couple of entities that aren't particularly fond of the flick, however. Obviously, clowns are actively protesting it (yes, seriously) and so is one other group, fast food chain Burger King.

In Russia, the company is calling for the film to be banned because it's an advertisement for McDonald's since Pennywise the Clown somewhat (hardly) resembles the company's iconic clown mascot, Ronald McDonald, despite the fact Pennywise eats children.

Just in case there was any confusion, Burger King felt they needed to hammer home the message of how evil clowns are. At the German premiere of 'It', Burger King teamed up with Grabarz and Partner to come up with a way to rally against the clown movement. What they came up with was actually pretty brilliant. When the credits rolled, they projected an ad that read "The moral is: never trust a clown,” and then the Burger King logo appeared underneath.

You can check out a video of how the audience reacted down below.

'It' is in theaters now and a sequel is scheduled for 2019.

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