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Watch Batman's Batmobile turn into a fortress on wheels in new Batman: Arkham Knight teaser

Bummed out about Batman: Arkham Knight being delayed until 2015? Well, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have at least softened the blow a bit by releasing a new trailer for the game that focuses on the new Batmobile.

If you've been following the game since its announcement in March, you're probably already aware that Batman can cruise around the streets in this sweet ride, but as you'll see in the trailer -- it's more than just easy travel between places. Armed with a 60mm Cannon,  the Vulcan Gun, Missile Barrage, and Riot Suppressor, the Batmobile's Battle Mode turns it into a freaking fortress on wheels.

Unfortunately, today's trailer only teases Battle Mode, without giving us a real look at the Batmobile in action. For that, you'll have to wait until E3 next week.

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