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[Watch] 7 minutes of uncut Persona 5 gameplay footage is as sleek as you'd expect

I want it now please....

Just look how far turn-based JRPG's have come. Strategic combat is not everyone's cup of tea, and that's fine. But you have to admit that when combat flows like Persona 5's does, it just feels so action-oriented. The folks over at PlayStation Access posted a new video today (embedded above) of spoiler-free dungeon crawling, and it captures the moment-to-moment gameplay that fancy trailers just can't do.

What's always impressed me about the Persona series is its attention to detail in regards to UI. Whoever designs the battle menus and the post-battle experience screens needs to get a raise, pronto. It also doesn't hurt that the series has a long-running tradition of high-quality releases, so if there's a safe bet to be had, Persona 5 is it. 

Persona 5 was recently delayed from its Valentine's Day to April 4th, 2017, but for the JRPG purists out there, the game will come with Dual Audio so you can play with the original Japanese voiceovers.  

Source: [PlayStation Access YouTube]

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