Watch 2 awesome minutes of Mighty No. 9 gameplay

Mighty No. 9 Screenshot - Mighty No. 9 concept

For the past 30 minutes, I have been drooling over the latest gameplay footage from Mighty No. 9, the Japanese side-scrolling action game that is evolved and transformed by Keiji Inafune, veteran Mega Man devs, and the Kickstarter backers who funded it. 

In Mighty No. 9, you play as Beck, the 9th in a line of powerful robots. Beck is the only one not infected by a mysterious computer virus that has caused mechanized creatures all over the world to go berserk. Running, jumping and blasting, you'll transform through at least six stages in any order you choose using weapons and abilities taken from defeated enemy. If sounds like, looks like, and hopefully plays like Mega Man.

So, enjoy the video below and just wait for the estimated release date in early 2015.

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