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Warstorm: Mercenaries Expansion Launches Today

June 26, 2009

Warstorm: Mercenaries Expansion Launches Today

Warstorm: Mercenaries Expansion Forges Surprising Alliances in Online Strategy Game

An ancient alliance is crumbling and new bonds are being forged as the Warstorm saga continues in Warstorm: Mercenaries, the third expansion to the popular online strategy card game. Mercenaries releases worldwide today, June 26, by Austin game developer Challenge Online Games, Inc. (Challenge Games).

Warstorm: Mercenaries introduces neutral mercenary units with a high power-to-ready ratio, new abilities, spells that return from the graveyard and ally cards that encourage cross-faction gameplay. Warstorm: Mercenaries also introduces two new quest chains that continue the games epic storyline.

New game features include:

  • 200 new cards

  • 12 hard-edged mercenaries

  • 8 new abilities

  • and a pig with an attitude

A dragon gathers his strength, and the most-cunning commanders will galvanize their forces by keeping friends close and enemies closer. The loyalty of the most-powerful warriors and mages will be bought and sold like artifacts in the auction house by anyone daring to pay their price. There is little civility with Mercenaries.

Warstorm is a massively multiplayer online trading card game where players assemble a ferocious army of courageous heroes and dangerous beasts, fierce dragons and unholy undead to challenge other players in fantasy battles of strength and strategy.

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