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Warrior Epic News and Events Update

June 12, 2008

Warrior Epic News and Events Update

10,000 Closed Beta Account Giveaway on

MMOABC is hosting a Warrior Epic 10,000 CB Account Giveaway and it went live mere minutes ago. To get your Warrior Epic CB Account now, simply go to: and follow the instructions. Everyone who goes gets an account, so tell your friends!

Thor's is Hosting a Warrior Epic PvP Tournament with one of the locked classes as a prize

Their fansite,, will be coordinating a 2v2 PvP Tournament Tomorrow (Friday). Player's will face off in pursuit of access to the "Zambrano Warrior", an otherwise unobtainable class in Warrior Epic.

The Zambrano is a gun toting vixen that likes long walks on the beach and splitting Slonards in half with a well aimed Spreadshot.

CB Build Update v1.023

Game Play and Mechanics

  • Pit Fighter Skill "Ram Stampede" is now a half-circle AoE

  • "Strength Rally" and "Strength Pledge" now work as Intended

  • Chat now uses "User Name" instead of "Account Name"

  • Added "Not Working" tag to several skills that have yet to be implemented

  • Fixed Bug that caused the Equipment to not deliver the correct buff

  • Fixed Bug that caused users to hang on the "Waiting for Match" Screen

  • Updated Load Logic to boost performance in dungeon loading

  • Fixed Bug that allowed players to attack monsters in unloaded areas

  • Updated Combat Logic to correct Game Server Synchronization Issue

Quests Added

  • Welkin Warrens: "Caves of Darkness"

Monsters Updated

  • Updated Models and Animations for Junglepede Queen

  • Removed "Slow Effect" that afflicted players when they killed a Little Worm

  • Removed "Bond Effect" from the Large Sunflowers

Monsters Added

  • Blade Insect

Invite a Friend

They will be updating the User Control Panel on the Official site to allow people to invite up to 10 friends into the closed beta. This update should become active later today or possibly tomorrow.

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