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Warrior Epic CB Update v1.024

June 27, 2008

Warrior Epic CB Update v1.024

Possibility Space have announced a new update for Warrior Epic. Monsters have been made much tougher in this build update as Enemy AI has been improved and bosses now have skills watch out for the junglepede queen!).

Aside from Monster AI, we have also fixed many bugs, added some new beasts, and we updated the UI (check out the new loading screen).

The Battle Arena is no longer a breeze to run through, so be sure to take some heavy hitting friends with you if you intend on making it to the end.

Here is the Changelog from v1.023 - v1.024

  • Game Play and Mechanics

  • Updated File Check Algorithms to increase loading speeds

  • Updated Dungeon Loading Screen

  • Fixed bug that caused buffs to stack incorrectly

  • Updated "Quest Complete" Dialogues

Monsters Updated

  • Some of the Bosses now have skills

  • Updated RedCityMonster01, Man Eater, and Large Man Eater Monster Models

  • Increased the Size of the Blade Insect

Monsters Added

  • Welkin Warrens: Cave Bat

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