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Warren Spector 'worried' by next-gen costs

Next-gen console gaming is on its way; some think it's too soon and some think it can't come soon enough. Nevertheless, an increasing amount of speculation is raving throughout the Internet almost daily with each company's next "big thing," and most of the time it's flashy rumors of each system's impressive capabilities. These improvements are welcomed, especially in a world where technology is always advancing, but some are beginning to wonder if the development costs on these machines will end up hurting consumers at the register. 

The notorious, outspoken game design Warren Spector, talking to Digital Spy, expressed his worried outlook for both developers and consumers, as development costs rise. His comments primarily focused on the widening gap between triple-A games and low-budget titles, where 20 million copies sold could actually make a company lose money. 

“Someone’s going to spend… well, there are already people spending $100 million on games, that’s not even insane anymore... If you’re spending $200 million on a game and you’re making $60 on 20 million copies sold, oh wait, you’re losing money if you’re the best-selling game of all time basically, right?” said Spector.

What's your opinion on the future of gaming costs? Do you agree with Spector's comments? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [Digital Spy]

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