Warren Spector speaks out against the 'ultraviolence' in games

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Screenshot - Warren Spector

Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector believes we're too focused on violence in video games.

"The ultraviolence has to stop," he told "We have to stop loving it. I just don't believe in the effects argument at all, but I do believe that we are fetishizing violence, and now in some cases actually combining it with an adolescent approach to sexuality. I just think it's in bad taste. Ultimately I think it will cause us trouble."

Spector said he left Eidos in 2004 because of the overwhelming theme of violence he noticed in the company's line-up.

"We've gone too far," he said. "You know, Deus Ex had its moments of violence, but they were designed — whether they succeeded or not I can't say — but they were designed to make you uncomfortable, and I don't see that happening now. I think we're just appealing to an adolescent mindset and calling it mature."

The industry veteran also noticed an emphasis on Netflix and other non-gaming interfaces at E3 this year.

"When the games are the least interesting part, there's a problem," he said.

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