Warning: Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC resets Badass Rank and removes Gold Keys

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It appears Gearbox might have jumped the gun when releasing the new Mechromancer class today — a week early from its original October 16th release. 

After downloading the new content, we can confirm previous reports of a glitch that comes with the Mechromancer. Upon downloading and installing the Mechromancer class, every single Bonus Stat unlocked from previous characters, as well as the Badass Rank reset to zero.

In addition, there appears to be something affecting Golden Keys. Although we had two Golden Keys (which unlock rare weapons in the Golden Chest in Sanctuary), after installing the Mechromancer it reverted down to one. It's a pretty major bug considering Golden Keys aren't something you can just get in-game.

We aren't alone in our experiences. Users all over are complaining on Twitter about the glitch. Perhaps Gearbox jumped the gun on releasing the Mechromancer today?

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