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Warner Bros. officially releases 'The Dark Knight Rises' MTV trailer

Remember that awesome The Dark Knight Rises trailer that was shown during the MTV Movie awards, then got posted online, then got removed by Warner Bros.? Well now Warner Bros. has officially released that awesome trailer that shows Selina Kyle (Catwoman) having a revealing conversation with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cop character, John Blake. And it features Bane saying "let the games begin." Just in time for the Olympics.

There's a ton of rumors about who Gordon-Levitt's character really is, what other villains might appear, and what happens to Batman, and such. With a few more weeks until the movie releases, it's hard to imagine that we'll see any more 'new' footage, but you never know. For now, I'll keep rewatching the trailers we have, thinking how awesome the music is and how much I can't wait to see Christopher Nolan's finale to his Batman trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th.

[Source: Collider via Xfinity]

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