Warner Bros. gearing up for Batman Arkham announcement?

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You're next B-Man, or at least that's what Warner Bros. appears to be teasing by the recent tinkering with the series' Facebook pages. Spotted by, Warner has all together removed its Batman: Arkham Asylum Facebook Page, while renaming the Batman: Arkham City page.

The new Facebook page for the franchise is now simply called Batman: Arkham. Could this merger of both games into one group be Warner merely simplifying things for fans? Or is this part of something much bigger -- like perhaps the preparation of a third game?

Given the success of Arkham City, it's certainly not out of the question. And Time Warner CFO and chief administrative officer John K. Martine did recently suggest that a third game in the series would release in 2013. Although, it remains unclear if he was referring to the calendar or fiscal year.

Warner Bros. is currently working with NetherRealm Studios on Injustice: Gods Among Us, an upcoming fighting game featuring DC Comics' heroes and villains. What's interesting, though, is the photo Warner Bros. uploaded to the Batman: Arkham Facebook page once these changes were made. The new timeline picture shows Batman in front of a pole with writing that says: "You're next B-Man." Although this is a line from the game, could Warner be hinting that it's Batman's turn for a new game next? I certainly hope so!

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