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Wario Land II headed to Japanese 3DS Virtual Console


The Nintendo 3DS has been getting some sweet digital offerings. With original titles such as Pushmo and Mutant Mudds giving gamers solid gaming experiences, the eShop is host to some great, worthwhile games. Of course, the Virtual Console also has a few winners.

Now, the 3DS retro gaming service is about to get one more. Well, in Japan at least. Wario Land II, which originally launched on the Game Boy Color back in 1998, will be arriving on the Virtual Console in the land of the rising sun.

Wario's excellent romp was praised for its mechanics, which were quite original at the time. Its levels were wonderfully paced, and their design was absolutely genius. And now those lucky gamers in Japan get to experience that all over again.

It should only be a matter of time until we get Wario Land II on the 3DS Virtual Console here in North America. Let's hope it arrives sooner rather than later, though. This seems like the type of awesome game that would be cruelly delayed for some reason.


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