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Warhawk Add-on Pack Available on Thursday

December 19, 2007

Warhawk Add-on Pack Available on Thursday - Dylan Jobe post

Warhawk's first add-on pack, Operation: Omega Dawn, will be available on the PlayStation Store Thursday, December 20th. Featuring a new battlefield, "Omega Factory," in which Eucadians and Chenovans are fighting for control, Operation: Omega Dawn includes six map configurations where warhawks can take flight through the night skies of an isolated factory world. Adding to the intensity, players can board the KT-424 Combat Dropship – a supreme vehicle that can transport up to seven troopers and a ground vehicle at one time, allowing for massive invasions on enemy territories. The Dropship act as a multiplayer Boss character, similar to those found in single player games, and creates memorable moments where seven players are operating in smooth coordination.

For more information on Operation: Omega Dawn, check out Warhawk Game Director Dylan Jobe's extensive FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, which includes the debut of a trailer featuring the Dropship. 

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