Warframe Update 12 Zephyr making its way to PS4 today

Warframe Screenshot - Warframe Zephyr

The ever-so-addicting Warframe on PS4 is finally catching up to its PC brother with Update 12, Zephyr, which comes with a lot of new changes, additions and of course, a new Warframe to add to your collection.

Zephyr is an air based Warframe, which is a first for the game. Her moveset and increased mobility make her deadly from above.

Next up is an all new HUD which Digital Extremes promises to be less obtrusive, while also giving players pertinent information on their squad and mission objectives. And hey, transmissions from NPCs now have 3D models, sweet!

Update 12 also introduces a new game mode titled Interception. In this mode, players will have to hold four specified spots from the enemy as long as they can. As long as they have control over these tactical locations, they'll acumulate points through the match. If the players reach the max score first, they'll win the round.

Update 12 goes live today, so if you've been playing Warframe on your PS4, get ready to boot it up with some sweet new content.

[PlayStation Blog]

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