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War Z servers attacked by frustrated hackers


It seems a few hackers frustrated with the recent events of The War Z have taken matters into their own hands, attacking the game's servers. Community manager Patrick Bowman took to the game's forums and revealed the "attack by various forms of malicious attempts to shut down our servers."

The first attack game earlier this week and "would rest our DNS IP so that you could not connect." Although it was solved rather quickly, hackers have continued to target The War Z's servers.

"This morning we are being hit, again, with a DDOS attack on our login server. We are implementing additional DDoS protection and hope to have this resolved asap," he explained. "Unfortunately with these types of attacks it is very difficult to give a good time frame of when it will be resolved."

Hammerpoint Interactive's survival zombie game The War Z was released in December of 2012, but has faced controversy since its launch over claims of "misleading advertising." This led to the sales of the game being halted on Steam.

Earlier this week, executive producer Sergey Titov apologized on the game's forums, but that apparently hasn't stopped angry consumers from lashing out. Regardless of the state of the game, hackers are ruining it for those who actually do want to play and see the game succeed.

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