Want to change that PSN ID? Tough luck, you're stuck with it

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - Sarah Greene PS4

Ugh! You can have your MP3s and DLNAs, but this is the one thing I was seriously sad to hear. I have a terrible PSN ID, one that dates back to my high school days when I still covered half of my face with black hair and listened to bands that whine just a little too much about their break ups. As much as I hoped that Sony would finally allow a one time change, or hell, make me pay 10 bucks like Microsoft does, it looks like I'm stuck with it.

Is there a way to rename my Onli​ne ID on PS4?

No. But PS4 does give you the option of allowing your friends to see your real name in addition to your Online ID. You can also choose to import your Facebook photo to be used as your PSN profile picture if you wish.

So it looks like the only way to bypass my terrible PSN ID is by using my real name, which also doesn't make me very happy. Maybe one day we'll all be able to give Sony our money to give us the ability to change it. One day.

But hey, it works for Sarah Greene right?

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