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Walking Dead Episode 1 decisions will affect the whole game


Adventure game developer Telltale Games took to Twitter about an hour ago and posted a brief yet intriguing update on the upcoming video game rendition of The Walking Dead. "Did you know the ramifications of many of the choices you make in Episode 1 of #TheWalkingDead are felt throughout the 5 episode series?" tweeted Telltale.

I was already interested in playing The Walking Dead, but this just gets me more stoked to play the game. How will Telltale create a world and characters that change depending on your actions in the game? We'll have to wait to find out, and here's hoping some new details further explain this short update.

I've always liked adventure games, but I don't play them too often. Or rather, I didn't really play them all that often before. These days, however, I've been enjoying some great point-and-click adventure games.

Among the titles I've really liked in the genre are the Blackwell games and the horrific Yesterday. (By the way, that game was really awesome, and if you're a fan of the genre, you should definitely check it out.) As a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic books and TV show, I can honestly say I'm super excited to play the video game.

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